What's New

Not much has been happening this year.  A few gigs here and there.  

As for what's been happening as of late, I've started rehearsing with American Idol contestant Matt Buckstein.  They are established and I'll be replacing the current drummer.  Our first gig is Septmeber 20th.  Unfortunately, it is a privat event.  I'm looking forward to the fall and winter with this act.

I've also been doing some recording with Jerome O'Malley and Bill Burnside.  Other than that, I've been getting things done around the house that I couldn't get to last year due to my playing schedule.

I also have a myspace page.  It's a work in progress.  Let me know what you think.

Hope to see you all very soon!!!

Happy New Year to everyone out there in musicland.  What a year.  I played over 100 gigs this past year and met a lot of new talent.  I'm looking forward to working with all of them again in the future. 

The last couple of weeks have been rough for me.  I came down with Myocardits and it really laid me out.  I didn't get to play the last few weeks of the year because of it.  However, I'm very thankful for the year that I had.  I'd like to give a big thanks to Walker Williams for putting up with me and for finding someone last minute when I was in the hospital.  Also thanks to all my friends who called or came to see me in the hospital.  You definitely made my time there pass quickly. 

I wish everyone success in the New Year!!!  Hope to see you all really soon!!!

I have to tell you about this new software that I have downloaded to my cell phone.  It's called K-Metronome.  It's a metronome and a tone generator for tuning.  I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what this program can do.  It can be programmed to do multiple measures so you could set up a 2/3 clave for example.  It even has a polyrhythm section.  I've been carrying around a metronome or not having one when I really needed one.  Now I just make sure I have my phone on me when I go to rehearsals or even to count off tempos at the gig.  This is a very useful tool.

Currently playing with Walker Williams. Talk about a tight band; these guys are good!  Everyone one in the band is a true professional.  It's hard enough to find one pro player in a band, but these guys are all pros.  We play the Grizzly Rose often.  As always, come up and introduce youself.  I'd love to chat or talk shop with you.

Well kids, this is the end of an era.  I spoke a little too soon in my previous post.  Earlier this week, The Authentics called it quits.  It was a good run and all good things come to an end.  I'm sure I'll end up working with each of the members in various projects in the future.  Thanks to all the folks who came out to support us.  We all appreciate it very much.  Huge thanks goes out to Marcie Norman for doing the booking and putting up with us.  Thanks to Jeff Norman for the use of his basement and working out all of the logistics.  Thanks to Peter Edstrom for running sound for us and especially lugging the gear around. 

With the end of all things, new things take place.  Keep checking back here on the "What's New" page for the latest and greatest.

2006 was my busiest year ever.  I'm looking forward to topping it.  I'm currently working with a few different bands.  For the past 2 years I have been working with The Authentics.  I also work with the guitarist of The Authentics in a trio called Zing.  This trio features Kelley Zinge on vocals.  This is a great little three piece that is a lot of fun.  I have also been working with a smooth jazz project called MG's Montage, led by sax man Macio Gilcrest.  I have been playing with this band since October and it is evolving nicely. 

A few things have changed.  The Elton John Tribute band was losing steam.  It was decided that we would not continue.  I'm also not doing the open stage anymore.  Being gone all weekend was wearing on me.  I do hope to be doing some other stuff with the host of the open stage, Bill Burnside and his band Easy Ottis.  Time will tell!!!  As always, I am available to do fill-ins; schedule permitting.

Well it seems as though the website is paying off on a national level.  I'll be playing with The Blues Rangers from southern Mississippi.  They found my site doing a search on the web.  The Blues Rangers do original tunes based around natural issues and wild fires.  We'll be performing at the Firewise/Wildland Urban Interface Fire Education Conference here in Denver.  I'm honored they that have chosen me to help them present their music.

I'm working with a new agency called Colorado Party Bands.  They have several acts for any occasion and are affordable.  It's never too late to book for the holidays.

Over the summer I have been working with Jeff Norman on a couple of projects.  One of them is a jazzy/lounge act with an incredible vocalist by the name of Kelley Zinge.  We have decided to call the project "Zing".  Look for up coming gigs at high-class wine bars and country clubs.  This project is currently booking. The second project is still in the works.  It is an Elton John tribute called "Madmen Across the Water" with Ed Skibbe on piano.  Not only does Ed resemble Elton, his voice is similar in timbre and strength.  This is my biggest challenge to date.  The music is coming along nicely and is a lot of fun.  The show is the challenging part and will be always be a "work in progress" as there will always be things to add.  Look for this project to start booking in the Fall to early winter. Both projects are extremely different.  The Zing project is sultry and smokey.  The Elton project is just fun, theatrical rock and roll.  Jeff and I will be starting a completely different project in the fall for the summer music festivals and county fairs for next summer.  It is an original band called "The Ticket".  Jeff has about a hundred originals.  So it would seem that the only thing to do would be to put them to work.  We have drafted the use of Authentics guitar player Michael Edmondson to double on acoustic guitars for this project.  It's more of an acoustic, percussive mix.  I'm looking forward to starting this project when time permits as the other two projects are currently taking precedent.  Jeff has already been meeting with Michael to start the blend of the two acoustic guitars. On the other side of things, The Authentics are still plugging along.  The summer has been slow as everyone has taken vacations and weekend ventures to take advantage of the summer weather.  We had a great time at the Breckenridge Summer Music Series in July.  Look for the Authentics to be playing out in the fall.

New pics on the photos page from when I was in Suncoast Sound in the summer of '87.  Check 'em out.  They are at the bottom of the page.  I snagged them off the Suncoast alumni site.  Any Coasters out there, I'd love to hear from you.

I have been doing some gigs with a band called Pick Clayburn.  I've also been doing a Sunday jam night with Bill Burnside at the Ironworks in Lakewood.  Come out to the jam night to sit in and introduce yourself.


Currently playing with a great, dance oriented rock band called The Authentics.